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The name

EGENART simply means peculiarity and distinctiveness.

The word EGEN is of Norse origin, and means; which (only) belongs, pertains, is due to oneself.

It is the quality of being individual.

We connect people to art

Egenart is the marketplace where art is displayed at the same rate regardless of who you are as an artist.
Our goal is to help artists make a living doing what they love.


We have made it easy for artists to promote themselves and sell their own artwork.

Direct contact

Any art buyer can contact the artist, make agreements and buy directly.

Total control

Artists have total control of their own account, incl. statistics from each listing.


Quick support for both artists and customers. Talk to us if any questions!

It´s a small world

Proud to be a
Norwegian company

Egenart was established in 2019 and is an art portal with a focus on the artist. Our passion is to help all artists do what they love so they can make a living from it.

From the highest mountains and the deepest fjords in Norway, we are proud to say that this is Egenarts place of birth. From all of us to all of you, no matter where you are in the world, we welcome you to join our community of living art.

The team

Andreas Nordengen


CEO and Digital Marketeer. Painter since forever and passionate about helping other artists promoting their art to the whole nation.

Tine Gajda


Fantastically bubbly and service-minded. Always brings a smile to your face and passionate about helping other artists promoting their art.

Skar Digital

Digital bureau

Expert on digital visibility and Google. Agile and forward thinking agency passionate about getting Egenart widely known as a digital art marketplace.

Explore unique, personal & boundless art from professional artists.

About Egenart

Egenart is the art marketplace for professional artists. We connect people who loves art in all types of categories. Find the artists location and contact them directly.