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All serious artists understand that selling art should take place in a safe and proper manner.

It is important to fill out a contract like everything else. Even more enjoyable is getting to know the artist personally!


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Frequently asked questions. If you have any inquires, please send us a message.

Every listing have a message form where you can contact the artist directly. You can also contact them by e-mail and/or by phone if the artist have added this information.

If you send a inquiry through a listing/artwork, the artist will reply to you directly.

No. Only those who want to sell (artists) must be logged in.

No. After contacting the artist, Egenart is exempted from being involved in further agreements between you and the artist. Egenart is exempted from being an intermediary and therefore has no right to demand or participate in the right of withdrawal, disputes or disagreements that might arise after a purchase.

This must be specified in the contract before the sale! Remember that all appointments are made only between you and the artist. If anything is damaged, you must contact the artist directly and refer to the contract / agreement.

You pay directly to the artist regarding your agreement and contract between you and the artist.

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