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100% profit is the way you deserve

At Egenart you get contacted directly by customers. Egenart does not interfere with the agreement between you and the buyer.
This way you get 100% profit.

Built for artists

Egenart is designed specifically for artists who sell their own artworks.

Innovative platform

Constant improvement is what sets the Egenart platform apart.

Intuitive design

User Experience is the #1 priority of the Egenart platform.

Optimized for mobile

Mobile users are nearly 80% of all web traffic...and we know it.

Random search results

All artists get an equal shot at discovery during a user search.

Local Promotions

Promote your artwork to rank higher in search results.


We are all in for you as an artist

Each artist´s page is designed with the user in mind. Every important piece
of information is at your finger tips to help you get where you want to go easier.


Decisions made quick

Our Quick Action buttons let your customers do the things they want to do faster & easier than ever before.
Call, Send a message, Email, Get Directions, Leave a review, visit your website and more.


Put your art on the map

Once added, your artwork will be found on our one-of-a-kind interactive map in our Explore feature.
This will make it easy for visitors to see where to go & what you have to offer.


Always in control

The Egenart dashboard gives you complete control of your art
with page analytics, boosted listings and total overview of your account.


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Questions that deserves answers

Frequently asked questions. If you have any inquires, please send us a message.

No. We take no commission / percentages of a sale. We give artists 100% profit. All you pay for is your subscription. Egenart have no other fees or extra costs if you sell an artwork.

A subscription costs only kr. 50,- per month.

This gives you the freedom to run unlimited listings in your selected category. (Painting, Graphic, D.G.A. etc.)

All listings have unlimited duration and remain visible until you choose to remove it or cancel your subscription.

Once you have created a listing and are happy with it, you can proceed to payment. Here you can pay with Stripe. Stripe is well known, simple and extremely safe.

Each listing has an unlimited duration from the publish date. The listing is visible until you remove it yourself or cancel your subscription.

Yes, but all ads must be approved by Egenart first. Once you create and submit a listing, it will be carefully reviewed before being approved and published. Egenart can also give you feedback in case something is missing, or give tips on improvements. Once your listing is approved, you’ll receive an email confirming this.

Yes! You create your listing all by yourself, and add text and images yourself. Remember: The better the quality and content, the better the listing appears.

Yes! You choose and control the price of your own artwork, and you handle all sales with the customer yourself. Egenart does not interfere with the actual trade between you and the customer. Therefore, Egenart does not take any commission or percentage of a sale.

Remember to use sales contract and signature on all deals.

“The art fee applies to the sale of art with a sale price over NOK 2,000. When selling art, as a general rule, an art fee of 5% *, in addition to the selling price, is payable, art fee.

Remember that the Art fee is your responsibility. All purchases are made between you and the customer. The customer will contact you directly and you will agree. Egenart has no rights or agreements in respect of. the trade or sale, and you receive the entire sales amount yourself. You agree to these terms yourself when you choose to advertise with us.

The customer will contact you directly by phone, email or contact form in your listing. You can choose not to enter phone number, then the customer will contact you via email or contact form. Anyway, the contact form is sent to your email and you can reply directly to the customer.

Yes! We are continuously announcing new works on social media. In addition, we advertise on Google.

If you sell your artwork on Egenart, you can go to your account and click on “My Artworks”. Choose the artwork you sold and click “Edit”. Scroll to the bottom and select YES on “Is the artwork sold?”

Please send us a message if you sell an artwork, then we will advertise it on Social Media. This way we both can get more attention and acknowledge. Thank you!


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