Beskrivelse av kunstverket

Experimental acrylic mix media work with knives, spatulas, brushes, professional colors and ink on a self-made cotton canvas.


Terms and conditions:

  • The canvas are of high quality cotton fabric. The wooden frame is self made of the big old Norwegian spruce growing nearby.
    The same material is also used for floating frames for those who wish a more discreet finish on the painting than the classic frame
    I use professional Amsterdam and Golden colors with high pigment concentration, which means that they will not fade over time.
    Sides are painted to mach the painting.
    All paintings are protected with UV varnish against light fade and dust.
    Ready to hang.
    Paintings will be sent to you with with:Certificate of Authenticity, Insurance valuation and invoice.

Terms for international orders:
100% non-refundable
Canvases will be shipped rolled and unstretched. The paintings can be restretched on to canvas bars by your local framer.
I reserve the right to make prints of my paintings.


Cotton canvas

Størrelse på kunstverket

80 x 60

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