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What is Crypto Art?

Short answer, crypto art is digital art that is treated like physical art due to the ability to have verified ownership of the piece. Just like an original painting signed by Picasso can have its authenticity and ownership authenticated, crypto art can be verified in the same way using an NFT or a non-fungible token. An NFT is a special token that represents a unique ID that is linked to a piece of crypto art that cannot be replicated and is used to verify ownership of a piece. You can attach it to anything: a JPEG, GIF, MP4, even music. This token that proves ownership of the ‘original’ file is stored on the Blockchain which is a permanent ledger that can be accessed from any computer over the world.

Third party provider

Egenart only operate as a third party provider, meaning you need to link to your original NFT. The benefits are increase in traffic.

Link to your original NFT

Before you promote your digital artwork here, you need to list your art at a Chainblock website. Ex. OpenSea, Rarible, MakersPlace etc...

We help you succeed

There are many guidelines on how to be successful with Crypto Art. Either way, we want to help you and increase traffic to your art.

Need to know more?

There are many articles and guidelines about Crypto Art and NFT.

But here is a good one:


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