About Egenart

Egenart is for all serious artists who wants to sell their own artwork and get 100% profit. We want to help artists and make it easier for everyone to promote themselves.


We have made it easy for artists to sell their own artwork without being charged extra.

Direct contact

The customer will take direct contact with the artist and further deals can be made.

Full control

The artist has full control over their own account, with statistics and reports for each listing.


Egenart has quick support for both artists and customers. Talk to us if you have any questions!

The team

Andreas Nordengen


CEO and digital marketer. Background as an artist. Decorated Villa Malla, Filtvet. Sold approx. 70 paintings in Norway.

Tine Gajda


Background from retail. Service minded and extremely good supporter. An exuberant songbird. Love plants.

Skar Digital


Expert on digital visibility and ensuring that Egenart reaches the best possible level. Professional and good friends.


Egenart was created because works of art deserve to be exhibited without the artist having to give away 20-50% of the sales. It is the artist who´s the idea, the time and soul … Without the artist, the world will stand still. The artists deserve more, and Egenart will do something about it.

Andreas Nordengen

Founder of Egenart


If you have any questions or other inquiries, please contact us here.

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