Läs mer om hur du skapar en ny annons och förstå reglerna.

Hur man skapar en ny annons

Så här lägger du upp en ny annons på Egenart:

  1. Om du inte har gjort det ännu; Skapa ett nytt konto med Google eller Facebook. Eller traditionell metod med användarnamn och lösenord.
  2. Gå till "Min profil" och fyll i din information som namn, biografi, utställningar / CV etc. Alla dina annonser är länkade till din profilsida.
  3. Klicka på + Lägg till ny annons
  4. Klicka på den kategori du vill marknadsföra på. (Ex. Måleri eller Grafik)
  5. Välj vilken paket du vill prenumerera på.
    Ett abonnemang kostar endast kr. 50, - per månad, med obegränsat antal annonser. (Ja! Du kan annonsera så många konstverk du vill ha i din valda kategori!)
    Att: Alla listor har obegränsad varaktighet och publiceras tills du tar bort den själv eller säger upp prenumerationen.
  6. Fyll i alla fält, beskrivning och lägg till bilder på ditt konstverk. Du kan också lägga till en länk till din egen webbplats, YouTube etc.
  7. När du har fyllt i alla fält kan du se en förhandsgranskning innan du väljer att acceptera och skicka. Fyll i betalningsinstruktionerna, betala och skicka. Välj mellan Stripe eller PayPal.
  8. Annonsen skickas till admin på Egenart för godkännande och publicering. Detta tar normalt 0-4 timmar.
  9. Annonsen sparas automatiskt i ditt konto även om du inte skickar in för godkännande och publicering.
  10. När din annons har godkänts och publicerats får du ett bekräftelsemeddelande.


    Tips: Du kan promotera ditt konstverk efter att listan har lanserats. Om det promoteras kommer ditt konstverk att vara högst upp hela tiden och bli mer synligt för alla besökare. Promotering kostar endast kr. 50, - per konstverk och varar i 20 dagar.

Redo att sälja?

Förstå reglerna

Vi är stolta över vår webbplats och vill se till att du upplever den som säker och effektiv. Egenarts reklamregler är avsedda att säkerställa våra användares säkerhet och sträva efter att ge en bättre användarupplevelse.

Här är alla våra annonseringsregler:

Genom att publicera en annons på Egenart godkänner annonsören att alltid vara bunden av Egenart ("webbplats") tillämpliga annonseringsregler.

The advertising rules can be updated periodically and the advertiser (artist) is responsible for keeping up to date.

We encourage everyone to use a pleasant and objective tone both in advertising and in communication with other users of Egenart. Personal characteristics, anger and insults will not be tolerated.

Electronic means of communication, including e-mail and any electronic solutions provided by Egenart or third parties, may be used for any message, offer, acceptance, order, order confirmation or similar between the parties and will be valid as an agreement with binding effect.

To make it easy to find (and thus easier for you to sell), please apply the following:

– One thing, one ad.

The ad should only describe one piece of artwork / offered – other advertising messages are not allowed. It is not allowed to use text or images where the purpose is to convey other products or services.

– Language

Opinions or information that does not apply to the specific object are not allowed.

It is wise to write your listing in English to meet the global traffic and potential buyers from another country.

– Offensive content

Text or images that may be considered offensive are not allowed and will be removed.

– Pictures / video / logo

The pictures / video in the ad should be of what you are advertising.


Multiple ads for the same item are not allowed. The object should only be advertised in one listing and in one version. Advertising of the same item in different categories, multiple geographies or other duplicates is not allowed.

Re-use or commercial resale of listings on Egenart is not allowed.

If the artwork is sold / occupied / completed or withdrawn from the market, the advertisement cannot be used to advertise other objects.

Text or similar is not allowed where the purpose is to acquire customers who do not naturally want to contact because of the advertised work. Examples of this could be listings that actually advertise other services / products.

It is not allowed to copy text or images from other listings on Egenart, or in any other way use other artists text or pictures in the ad, without the consent of the copyright holder.

If the content of the image can be linked to an individual, the advertiser is obliged to obtain explicit prior consent from the depicted person to post the images on Egenart’s website, as well as to have transferred such use rights as mentioned above.

Egenart reserves the right to use any image posted on Egenart’s website for commercial use on Social Media/Google/other, and make the artwork and the artist more visible for potential art buyers.

Links to other websites:

You can link to your own website and other online channels that belong to yourself.

Set the real price of the item in the price field. If you’re not sure what to expect, leave the price bar blank. If the price is not real, we will stop the ad.

Never post listings to others or ask others to post listings for you.

As an advertiser at Egenart, you are fully responsible for the content of your own listings, including description, photos, price, etc. is correct.

You are solely responsible for the content of your listing, including compliance with the advertising rules, marketing laws, and other laws.

As an intermediary of the advertisement, Egenart is not responsible for the content of the ad, the advertised product or the trade as such, in addition to the responsibility that follows from the rules of the e-commerce law.

Specificity shall not be manufactured, perceived or considered as the Customer’s, or the potential provider, agent, broker, agent or the like.


Specificity is not responsible for any losses that the advertiser may incur as a result of technical errors or other deficiencies in the service beyond the cost of the listing.

If the listing is paid and published on Egenart, and technical errors or the like occur that prevent publishing during the specified impression period, Egenart will, upon request, compensate the advertiser with the extended impression period at least corresponding to the period of the problems persisted.

However, indirect losses are not covered.

You are responsible to mark the artwork as SOLD, and/or delete the listing when the artwork is sold or no longer available.

Egenart does not moderate reviews. The parties to a trade have to arrange themselves, and if you receive a review that does not deal with the trade or is not relevant, you can complain about the mention to Egenart, who will take a decision on whether it should be removed or remain. The recipient of the review will then be notified of this.

When you write a review, we encourage you to be specific and objective, so the review adds value to others and we get a nicer marketplace.

Proprietary reserves the right to review whether a listing is in compliance with current Advertising Policies, and to remove any listing that violate the rules. Egenart will, as far as practicable, notify advance notice of listing removal, but removal may also occur without notice.

In the event of intentional, material or repeated violations of the advertising rules, the advertiser will be completely excluded from the service without notice.

This also applies if Egenart has reason to believe that an advertiser is involved in illegal matters related to the advertising, or there are other special reasons why further advertising cannot be accepted.

Examples may be repeated inquiries from users who complain of breach of the Purchase Act, police reviews, misuse of the service or other forms of unacceptable behavior towards other users or Egenart. Circumstances that indicate that there are serious and unacceptable conditions on the part of the advertiser, and where further advertising can cause significant problems for potential stakeholders may also lead to exclusion.

Upon inquiries from the police or other public authorities, Egenart will be able to disseminate the information stored in the current user account.

Exclusion automatically means that all ads on Egenart from the advertiser will be removed. There is no refund for the ad costs of exclusion after intentional breach.

Egenart reserves the right to suspend the advertiser from the service in case of non-payment until the relationship is settled.

Egenart reserves the right to pre-check all listings and stop those who violate the advertising rules. This also includes listings that have already been published.

In addition, Egenart reserves the right to remove any listings, text or links that, after an overall review, are deemed to impair the user experience of the listing or service.

We repay the money for listings that are disapproved only in cases where there is doubt about the interpretation of the rules.

If a listing is placed in the wrong category, Egenart reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to refer the advertiser to change the listing to fall into the appropriate category. If for technical reasons it is not possible to move the listing, the listing will be stopped and the advertiser notified via email.

All advertisements must be posted with the correct postal code so that they are placed in the correct municipality / area / country. If this becomes misleading or creates other problems, you must contact Egenart in each case to get another placement approved.

The service is considered to be delivered when the advertisement is published, and there is no right of withdrawal, cf.

Egenart cannot be involved in conflicts that may arise. Should you be exposed to theft or fraud, it is important that you document the course of events and contact the nearest police chamber.

Egenart reserves the right to make continuous changes and improvements to the service/website.

Egenart may make changes to the service, including design and layout, search and presentation logic and category structure without obtaining consent from you as an advertiser.

For changes of material importance, Egenart will do its best to notify the changes within a reasonable time, and most recently before the change takes place.

In special cases, or if the changes are not significant, changes may also occur without notice.

Egenart reserves the right to make improvements to the service that may cause us to move on the ad or similar. If you need to preserve images and text, we recommend that you take a photocopy or screenshot of your ad and save it elsewhere.

If the change should affect the content of the ads, the advertiser is responsible for updating the ad (s) with the correct price, text, images and more.

If you have any questions about the rules or your ad, contact us at

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