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The name

The name

EGENART simply means uniqueness and individuality.

The word ‘EGEN’ originates from Old Norse, meaning that which belongs solely to, pertains to, or originates from oneself.

Proud to be a Norwegian company

Egenart was established in 2019 and is an art portal with a focus on the artist. Our passion is to assist all artists in pursuing what they love, namely art.

From the highest mountains to the deepest fjords in Norway, we proudly declare this as Egenart's birthplace. Established in 2019, Egenart is an art portal focusing on the artist.

Our service


We have made it easy for artists to market themselves and sell their art.

Total control

Artists have full control over their own account, including statistics from each art advertisement.

Direct contact

Any art buyer can contact the artist, make deals and buy directly.


Fast support for both artists and customers. Talk to us if you have any questions!

Who are we

Andreas Nordengen


General manager and digital marketer.

Also an artist himself, passionate about helping other artists promote their own art.

Tina Gajda


Fantastically bubbly and service minded.

Always concerned about others' well-being and passionate about helping other artists promote their own art.

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