Description of artwork

This painting is done on canvas over a wooden frame. It is 60x80 cm in size. The technique i use for my work is a bit special. I paint the canvas all black using acrylics, then i add the nebulae and such using spraypaint before i add stars using an old toothbrush. After that i paint the foreground using acrylics. I do also add glitter to some of my paintings to make the illusion of a starry sky perfect. In some of my work i add also a bit of glitter glue to create the illusion of layers of ore in the rock. This picture is from the surface of a planet circling two twin stars, one far away and the other quite close. In the background there is an accretion disk where a new star may be born soon.

Chosen material

Canvas on wooden frame

Size of artwork


From country

Nærosvegen 625, 2372 Brøttum, Norway

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